What is Open Office Writer?

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Open Office Writer is the component of Open Office functioning as the word processor. It has everything you need for all your document creations from a simple memo to a complex compilation of pages complete with just about any content you could develop such as graphics, diagrams, indexes and more.

Open Office Writer is power-packed with modern tools ideal for word processing or desktop publishing. Its Wizards help beginners to create documents like a pro, such as meeting agenda, letters, minutes of the meeting and many other standard office documents.

The Wizards makes all standard documents look great and professional and even carry out more complicated tasks like mail merges. Open Office Writer also has an Extensions repository where you could download templates from whenever you need one.

You can also create your own templates using the Styles and Formatting feature to put that extra power in your style sheets. Track and correct your typing or spelling errors as you type by activating the AutoCorrect dictionary. As Open Office is designed to be multilingual, Open Office Writer can also handle documents written in different languages. It also has a writing tool which suggests ordinary words and phrases commonly used in creating documents. So then, your typing effort is reduced with AutoComplete.

Create attractive lay out designs on brochures, powerful newsletters, enticing flyers and the like with Open Office Writer’s Text frames and linking. This component also gives you the power to enhance your complex documents by generating indexes of terms, table of contents, illustrations, tables, bibliographical references and embedding more objects needed as you go along creating long writings.

Editors will find Open Office Writer’s multiple pages display useful while editing complex documents as well as for users having a large monitor or multiple monitors. It can display notes with the Advance Notes features setting the text on the side of any document. It also has the ability to display color coded notes from different users altogether with the editing time and date.

There are several formatting features included in Open Office Writer, to wit:

  • HTML Format – When you make documents in Open Office Writer’s HTML format, you can export your documents to the web.
  • MediaWiki Format – Another option is to write your documents in MediaWiki format when submitting works for wiki publishing.
  • Portable Document Format – The use of Portable Document Format (.pdf) is a sure way that your original document is what your target reader sees. Export of a PDF file in Open Office provides a varied array of formatting and security choices.  Customization of PDF files can be made for specific purposes like ISO standard PDF/A files.
  • OpenDocument Format – With the OpenDocument format, you can save documents in the all-new international standard XML- based format giving you ease of access to your writings from any software that is OpenDocument compliant.

The best thing Open Office Writer can do is its ability to read all your old Word documents, or saving your new works in your old Word format to send to users who are still using the old Word processing products. Open Office Writer, from the latest version 3.0, can likewise open .docx files created with the old M Office 2007 or M Office 2008 for Mac OS X. With Open Office Writer, word processing is easy, hassle-free and absolutely free to download. Write and publish like a pro, let Open Office Writer take you there!

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