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Open Office Writer is the word processor component of Open Office. It has the regular features of a good word processor like spelling check, thesaurus, automatic generation of tables of contents, hyphenation, thesaurus, find and replace, and many others. Open Office Writer is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License terms as free software.

Open Office Writer is similar in functionality with some features of Corel’s WordPerfect and Microsoft Word. It can be utilized across a variety of platforms, as with the other Open Office components, including Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows, Solaris and Irix. It has the capability to open and save documents in different formats, including its default format, the OASIS Open Document Format 1.1 and Microsoft Word’s DOCX, DOC, XHTML and RTF. Open Office Writer provides a number of features not present in Word including a word completion system for predictive writing. It has ability to export to the PDF format natively much like the applications in Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Word 2007.

Through years of constant development and upgrading, Open Office Writer has evolved offering the following important features:

  • AutoComplete – word completion mechanism for predictive writing
  • AutoCorrect
  • Built-in drawing tools
  • Change tracking during revisions
  • Export to PDF – similar to that in Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Word 2007, including bookmarks. Open Office supports the ISO standard PDF/A which is popular for storing ‘read-only’ versions of documents.
  • Indexing
  • Mail Merge
  • Master documents – to group a collection of documents into a single document
  • Page-layout methods including columns, tables, and frames
  • Styles and Templates

Styles are essential to using Open Office Writer. When using styles, ease of formatting your document consistently and changing the format entails minimal effort. A style can be a named set of formatting options. Open Office Writer defines various types of styles for some types of elements such as paragraphs, characters, frames, lists, and pages.

Other core features of Open Office Writer are as follows:

  • ODF 1.2 Support – Open Office 3.0 is supporting the features of version 1.2 of the ISO standard Open Document Format (ODF). ODF 1.2 has a powerful formula language and a refined metadata model based on W3C standards OWL and RDF. To date, ODF is increasingly being adopted and mandated in many countries and is implemented by majority of vendors for a variety of applications.
  • Microsoft Office 2007 Import Filters – In addition to write and read support for the Microsoft Office file formats (.xls, .doc;  .ppt, etc.), Open Office 3.0 is capable of opening files generated with Microsoft Office 2007 or 2008 for Mac OS X (.xlsx ,.docx, .pptx, etc.). Open Office users can send files to users still using Microsoft Office.
  • Display of Multiple Pages While Editing – Open Office Writer can display multiple pages simultaneously. The zoom factor can easily be changed with the zoom slider. This feature is specifically useful on dual-monitor setups or on large monitors.
  • Improved Notes Feature in Writer – In the latest version of Open Office Writer, an advanced notes feature displays notes on the side of any open document. Additionally, notes from different interactive users are displayed in color coded characters together with the editing time and date making it a lot easier to read notes.
  • New Icons – Open Office 3.0 has a new set of icons which makes clicking while navigating a little more interesting.
  • Updated XSLT based filters and Enhanced XML support – Open Office supports field values, headings and footnote larger than six when processing export to XHTML.
  • Language Selector – The language selector tool allows easy assigning tasks of different languages to paragraphs. It is now easy to spell check and edit documents written in multilingual context.

Open Office Writer Miscellaneous Features includes the following:

  • Block selection
  • Language auto detected in paragraphs
  • Extension Repository
  • Wiki Publisher Extension
  • PDF Import Extension

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