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Open Office Impress is an open source slide show presentation program similar to and compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint. It is a member component of the Open Office free software developed by Sun Microsystems. In addition to its ability to create PDF files from presentations, it is capable in exporting presentations to SWF files which can be played on any computer with an installed Flash player. It is able to edit, view and save files in various file formats, like the .ppt format, which is used by PowerPoint.

Open Office Impress allows users to install the Open Clip Art Library, a large gallery of images from which to generate materials for drawing projects and general presentation. The ready-to-use open clipart package is available for download from Linux distributions, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Debian, and Mandriva online software repositories. Impress, a component of free software, was launched as a component of Open Office under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.

With Open Office Impress, you can create professional presentations with slide shows that may include text, drawing objects, multimedia, charts and much more. You can also import and modify old Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with on-screen slide shows, animation, slide transitions and multimedia and more techniques, to make your presentation more exciting.

  • Creating Vector Graphics

Open Office Impress shares most of the tools used in creating vector graphics available in Open Office Draw.

  • Creating Slides

There are numerous templates in Open Office Impress to help you create professional-looking slides. You can also opt to designate a number of vibrant effects to your slides, including transition effects and animation.

  • Creating Presentations

When designing a slide show, several pages or views are available for your use. For instance, an overview of your slides can be displayed in thumbnail form with the use of the Slide Sorter, while the Handout page contains both the text and the slide you want to physically distribute to your audience. Open Office Impress also allows you to test the timing of your presentation. A whole package of Views is supported: Outline / Drawing / Notes / Slides /Handouts to meet all your needs as a presenter and to satisfy your audiences. Likewise, an optional multi-pane view is available wherein all the tools you need are just a single click away.

  • Publishing Presentations

You can publish your on-screen slides, as HTML documents or as handouts.

  • Master Pages

Master Pages can simplify the preparation of your materials.

  • Presenter Console Extension

Allows you to view your next slides plus the time and speaker notes while presenting their slides when using multiple monitors.

  • Giving Presentations

Open Office Impress gives you options of presenting a slide show manually or automatically. Your impressive presentations can be supported with special effects, 2D and 3D clip art, high-impact drawing tools and animation. Save your slide shows in Open Document format and retrieve them from any Open Document compliant software. You can always use old PowerPoint presentations, or save your Impress work in PowerPoint format for sharing your presentations with people still patronizing Microsoft products. You can also create Flash versions of your presentations as Open Office Impress has the built-in ability to support the process.

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