Open Office Extensions – What They Are and How To Use Them

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You can enhance Open Office’s functionality with extensions readily available for download.  Extensions are extras to the standard Open Office as software plug-ins to aid in the many functions of Open Office applications like Writer, Base, Calc, Impress and Draw.

In The latest version of Open Office 3.3, many superb extensions that were separate downloads before have now been integrated into the package as regular features:

Presentation Minimizer: the “Presentation Minimizer extension” performs file size reductions of current presentations. Images are compressed and irrelevant data is removed. The quality size of an image can also be reduced specifically for optimized projector and screen presentations which do not require the special quality intended for printing projects.

“Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)” objects are expedient while in the design phase, but can bloat double the size of a standard image. Presentation Minimizer replaces OLE objects with images and guaranteed to have no loss in quality.

Aside from file size reduction, Presentation Minimizer can erase hidden slides and speaker notes to avoid publishing crucial information accidentally. The Wizard tracks all alterations executed in the presentation, and calculates file size savings. Presentation Minimizer is also functional in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

PDF Import: You can import and alter PDF documents via PDF Import extension. A hundred percent layout accuracy is possible with the “PDF/ODF hybrid file” format, a built-in format with PDF Import extension. A “PDF/ODF hybrid file” holds an embedded ODF file source. Hybrid PDF/ODF files will be opened in Open Office as ODF file without any layout alterations.

Presenter Console: In Presenter Console extension control of slide show presentations is the key. It allows you to see the next slide to run, your slide notes, and a timer. You can utilize three views: one view shows the current slide, the upcoming slide and the special effects; the second view displays the scalable speaker’s notes, the current slide and the following slide; the last view displays thumbnails and functions as a slide sorter.

Solver: Calc is afforded with a solver engine, by default, for linear programming only. This improves models to a certain degree and cannot support more-complex formulas. With these constraints, non-linear programming is required. “Solver for Nonlinear Programming” extension comes to aid. It integrates two Evolutionary Algorithms that can manage integer variables and floating point, and likewise non-linear constraints.

ReportBuilder: Report Builder is an Open Office extension useful for building impressive database reports. It has a flexible report editor that defines page headers and footers and groups. It aids you to integrate calculated fields to generate complex reports. ReportBuilder is in perfect harmony with Base, as it gives you that extra touch to design reports for Oracle, HSQL, and other databases.

Wiki Publisher: You need not burn hours mastering MediaWiki markup language. With Wiki Publisher extension, you can write Wiki articles, publish fresh and current documents to a wiki page on MediaWiki servers, blatantly with Writer. Wiki Publisher supports significant text attributes such as hyperlinks, headings, and lists including simple tables. Uploaded images to the Wiki site are also supported. This perfect extension is all you need to enable publishing of existing specifications and documentations on MediaWiki servers. Just load your document and entreat the Extension through “Send – MediaWiki Server”. A dialog box guides will then lead you through the easy process of publication.

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