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Open Office Draw ScreenshotDraw is just one of five components integrated in the Open Office suite. It serves as the vector graphics editor of the Open Office software package which gives you the freedom to design your own graphics in the easiest way. Developers of Open Office really aimed to come up with a good design to replace Photoshop.

Being a vector graphics drawing program, Open Office Draw can be used to quickly create graphical images. Vector graphics save and display images as simple geometric elements such as lines, polygons, and circles.  Draw works by using flexible connectors between shapes. Options in using drawing styles like the line style and its detailed features are frequently used by those who create images to enhance work documents in other Open Office components such as Impress and Writer. Flowcharts and diagrams make illustrations on complex documentations more visually appealing.

Since all Open Office components share most of the core features, graphic exchange between all components is possible with just a few clicks. You can create your graphics and other drawings using the Draw module and just copy and paste it over to your Writer document. It has similar features to Scribus and Microsoft Publisher desktop-publishing software. Draw can also export its creations to the PDF format, use connectors for making organizational charts, supply Bézier curves, draw and integrate page style, deliver 3D functions with special effects and display dimensions and measurements.

Open Office Draw also is equipped with an image editing program which provides an interface to generate and edit both raster and vector graphics. You are allowed to edit text formats and fonts, insert OLE objects and doodle with a multitude of graphic formats. The major editing features include size, color, arrangement, rotation, formatting and layers. One notable feature worth mentioning here is the ability of dimension lines to automatically display and calculate linear dimensions as you draw. Very impressive!

If your creative juices aren’t working, just import graphics and images from the Open Office clip art Gallery. The graphics and images stored in here are absolutely free to use and you need not worry about copyright infringements as they are considered to be in the commons category. This feature really saves you time and money to create a perfect presentation when you need one.

Open Office Draw can accommodate tons of graphics and drawings as it has a maximum page size of 300cm by 300cm. This really is a powerful tool for drawing projects like scientific posters, banners and the like.

Cropping images in Open Office Draw now works exactly like how it is supposed to be for most of the other desktop applications. You can drag handles located at the corners and edges of target images. This new feature significantly improved all of Draw’s usability and productivity.

After a well-executed graphic work, save your precious design in Open Document format, the new XML based international standard format for office documents that does not tie you up with Draw. This format means you can retrieve your graphics from any Open Document supported software. You can also use Draw’s capability to generate a Flash version of your work. With Draw, you could import or export graphics to and from all graphic formats like JPEG, BMP, GIF, WMF, PNG, and TIFF.

With these exciting features of Open Office Draw, you can never go wrong in creating perfect graphic projects. You must check out this Open Office Suite package the soonest you can. It is absolutely free of charge and can easily be installed.

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