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Open Office CalcCalc of the Open Office suite family is the spreadsheet component. It is similar to Excel, with some equivalent range of features. Open Office Calc has the capability to open and save most spreadsheets in Excel file format. There are a number of features not found in Excel, including an automatic definition of a system series for graphing based upon the layout of data used. Open Office Calc has the ability to write spreadsheets directly as PDF files.

Open Office Calc’s default file format can be set to either the international standard Open Document Format (ODF) or to Excel’s native file format. Open Office Calc likewise support other file formats, such as, HTML, CSV, SXC, DIF, DBF, SDC , UOF, SLK and others. Calc is available as free software under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Special features and capabilities of Open Office Calc include:

Open, Write, Edit, Save or Read. Open, Write, Edit, Save or Read Open Document CSV, (ODF), Excel (XLS), and many other formats. It supports the conditional formatting of Excel 97-2003.  It lets users save files in the old dBASE database file format and allows direct editing and saving changes to GIS spreadsheet files. It can also undo the “Delete Sheet” operation.

Database functions. Arrange, filter and store data. Support functions including applications for imaginary numbers and statistical or financial functions. It supports the use of complex numbers and call functions from R statistical package, database access, calculations based on equivalent text of number and use of external BI tools.  These additional capabilities are added as extensions.

Sophisticated Function Wizard. Lets users navigate through nested formulas. This feature is specifically useful to debug nested functions while working on complex sheets.

Complex calculations on data. Many calculations can be executed manually by entering the functions, relationships and a few macros. The Gnumeric is also utilized to easily access these statistical analysis features via a wizard.

Dynamic 2D and 3D Charts. Chart Enhancements. Draw error bars based upon error ranges delivered in spreadsheet cells display correlation coefficients as well as regression equations.

Macros. Macros for recording and executing task repetitions. It Uses JavaScript, Python, C++ and CLI as supplemental macro languages and omits native macros when saving in .xls format

Export and Import of spreadsheets. Export and Import of spreadsheets in multiple formats such as PostScript HTML, CSV, and PDF

Platforms. Use on different platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Linux, Unix and Solaris

Data Pilot. Dynamic data analysis and interactive table layout via DataPilot. Open Office has added support of Page fields where data sorting is executed.

Metrics. Uses metrics for cell or column width definition, or cell or row height. The number is expressed in mm, cm, inches, points or picas.

Calendar. EASTERSUNDAY and DAYS & YEARS are additional functions which works most years and which calculate date differences respectively

Mathematica. Live streaming financial data is provided with two commercial packages for Mathematica, DDFLink and CalcLink

Solver. Allows optimization solutions to problems where the optimum value of a specific spreadsheet cell needs to be calculated based on limitations dictated in other cells.

Columns. Open Office 3.0 can accommodate more data than in previous versions up to 1024 Columns Per Calc Sheet. If data imported into a spreadsheet ends up in one column the text-to-columns feature splits up the field into separate columns even if the information includes varied data fields

Miscellaneous Features

  • Rows and columns in Spreadsheets may be moved via ‘drag and drop’
  • Named ranges in Validity lists
  • Autosum button for cell ranges
  • Easy-To-Use Print Dialog
  • Support for Access 2007 “.accdb” Files
  • Improved Pivot Table Support
  • Auto kerning Enabled by Default
  • Improved HTML Export for Spreadsheets
  • Online update for OOo and extensions
  • Features Released as Extensions and Complementary Tools
  • Open Office Extension Repository
  • Report Builder Extension
  • Wiki Publisher Extension

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