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Open Office Base ScreenshotBase is Open Office’s database application that facilitates creation and management of databases similar to Microsoft Access. Base can be utilized as a ‘motherboard’ or front-end for different database systems including PostgreSQL, ODBC data sources, Access databases (JET), and MySQL as well as building of reports and forms to provide end-users with easy entry to data.

Base is an integral part of the Open Office software that enables you to seamlessly manage database data within the system. You can generate and modify reports, tables, queries and forms with either using Base’s HSQLDB (Hyper Structured Query Language Database) database engine or your own database. HSQLDB, written in Java, is a relational database management system. It offers a small but fast database engine with disk-based and in-memory tables. Base offers a choice of using Wizards for beginners, Design Views for intermediate, or SQL (Structured Query Language) Views for advanced users.

With Open Office Base, you can:

  • Generate new tables and change them for your data as the need arises
  • Maintain table indexes to make data access faster
  • View a table within an editing grid and add, alter and delete records
  • Use the Report Wizard to create impressive data reports
  • Use the Form Wizard to generate quick database applications
  • Sort out simple or complex columns
  • View data subsets with one-click or logical query filters
  • Create powerful queries to display your data in alternative ways like multi-table views and summaries
  • Produce reports through the Report Wizard for creating quick tabular reports
  • SUN Report Builder for more complex reporting needs
  • Extend functionality by built in scripting capabilities

BASE uses a full version of the HSQL database engine. It can also get dBASE files from local sources for simple database work, but it cannot open MS-Access files.

For more advanced requirements, Base supports many databases like ADO, Microsoft Access, Adabas D, MySQL or any database via industry-standard JDBC and ODBC drivers. It likewise supports any LDAP compliant address book and common formats like Microsoft Windows, Mozilla and Microsoft Outlook.

Base has evolved to be Open Office own database application. It allows you to generate data on an external database of your choice like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others and bundles the HSQLDB database engine, allowing you to kick-start with your own database.

If you have a personal database which is currently poorly connecting to Open Office Base, or some other structured data which you need to access like some address book data, creating a dedicated driver may be for you.

Databases are something that power up most systems these days, whether it is for big company conglomerates that keep track of large quantities of customer information and orders, for small businesses doing stock listing or for an individual who wants to store pieces of information in one place. It’s more likely that after reading this article, you will come across the need for your own database and you will want to be able to create one. For this, use the Open Office suite Base tool and start editing and creating a database in just seconds.

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