What is Open Office Impress?

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Open Office Impress LogoImpress is Open Office’s slide show presentations component. When you create slides for presentation, you can access impressive tools to aid your creation containing a variety of exciting elements, including bulleted and numbered lists, charts, text, clip art, and tables plus a wide array of graphic objects to choose from. Open Office Impress, together with the other components like Writer, has access to the thesaurus and spelling checker and has pre-packaged background styles, text styles and a useful online help.

The Presentation Wizard of Open Office Impress aids in the creation of simple slide shows while powerful presentations can be achieved through more advanced features. Imagine producing effective multimedia presentations that will surely impress your audience with two-dimensional and three-dimensional clip art, animation, special effects and high-impact drawing gadgets.

The main Open Office Impress window contains the Slides pane, the Tasks pane and the Workspace.  Several toolbars can be displayed or hidden while creating presentations. For instance, you can remove the Tasks pane or the Slides pane from view by simply clicking the X mark in the upper right corner of every pane. You may also wish to show or hide panes using the View button and clicking the Hide/Show marker. Hiding the Slides and Tasks panes is convenient when you want to maximize your Workspace area.

The Slides pane stores thumbnail pictures of the presentation slides. You can choose the slides to be transferred to your Workspace and arrange them in the order that you want them to be shown. You can also add new slides, mark a slide as hidden to the presentation, delete a slide from the presentation, rename a slide and duplicate a slide by ‘copy and paste’ function or move it by ‘cut and paste’ to a different position in the presentation. The Slides pane also allows you to alter the slide transition, change the slides sequence, alter the slide design or simultaneously change the layout for a group of slides.

The Tasks pane includes five sections with Master Pages simplifying the function of preparing your materials. By downloading templates from the Extensions repository, you save time in creating powerful presentations. Drawing, outline, slides, notes and handout views are supported here to meet all the requirements of presenters and target audiences, including an optional multi-pane view where you can store all the handy tools when needed. Open Office Impress carries a comprehensive range of easy-to-use diagramming and drawing tools to spice up your presentation. Its Slide show Effects and Animation bring more life to your presentation. Fontworks supplies amazing two-dimensional and three-dimensional images from text simulating live images with great speed and response.

Open Office Impress supports multiple monitors, giving presenters to view something else while using a projector for slides presentation. With the free Presenter Console Extension, you can make the most out of every presentation because it allows you to view your next slides including the time and the essential speaker notes.

You can save your attractive presentations in Open Document format, which will allow you to access any presentation saved from other software compatible with Open Document format. This new international standard XML based format for office documents does not tie you down to Open Office Impress. You have the option to use your old M PowerPoint presentations or save your Open Office Impress work in the old M PowerPoint format so you can send presentations to users who still haven’t used the Open Office Impress.

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