How to use Open Office Writer?

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Open Office Writer is the word processing arm of the Open Office family. The basic features are presented here with an easy guide to get you started in using the Open Office Writer from opening a new text document, to changing paper size, margins, and the indentation of paragraphs to using icons

Tips.  Select if you opt to use the Tips feature or not.

Open a new text document. Click “File > New > Text Document.”  The Title of the text document will appear on this toolbar. A text document will appear on your screen while the name of this text document will appear at the top of your screen.

View the Menu bar and the Standard Tool Bar. The Standard Tool Bar and menu bar are shown here. The next line which starts with the word File is the Menu Bar. When you click a word in Menu Bar, a menu list shows up where you can select what you want to do in Writer. The Standard Toolbar is right next to the Menu bar. By tapping on a small picture, a specific function will be made available for your use in Writer.

Formatting Toolbar. More specific functions can be done in Writer when you opt to explore this line

Open Office Ruler. Next in line appearing at the top and left side of your page when a check mark is by the Ruler.  The Horizontal Ruler is found below. The numbers of left side ruler indicate the positioning of the text on a page. The numbering is based from the top page while the numbers at the page top indicate the position of the text based from the right or left sides of the page. To view size setting options, right click on the Ruler to see details like Centimeter, Point, Millimeter, Inch, and Pica.

Adjusting Indents Screen. Indents can be adjusted utilizing the three small triangles on the horizontal ruler or by utilizing the “Paragraph” window > “Indents & Spacing” tab with a double-click at any point on the horizontal ruler. Changing the left or right paragraph indents is executed by highlighting the paragraph with the indents you want to change. Just drag the triangle on the horizontal ruler to the intended location.  When changing the first line indent of a chosen paragraph, drag the top left triangle to a new location. You can easily adjust the indents by a double-click at any point on the Horizontal Ruler and similarly alter the indents in the Paragraph box.

The Horizontal Scroll Bar. This serves as a document navigator to view the current document in use in the span from the left or right positions by tapping and holding the pointer to move to the desired direction. It is positioned at the lower portion of the page just above the Status Bar which is the bottom line of the screen starting with Page 1/1. The Vertical Scroll Bar (by clicking and holding the pointer, you can navigate up and down) is located on the right side of your screen.

Paper Size. For this purpose, use the standard paper size “8 ½ by 11 inches”. Click “Format >> Page >> Page tab”. The “Page Style: Default” window will appear. In the “Paper format”, under the “Format” drop-down menu, select Letter. To use other paper sizes, open the “Format” drop-down menu and choose a size you will need.

Word Margin.  Words, graphics and numbers can be typed anywhere on a page sheet except for a small area bordering the entire page. The word margin is used to define boundary lines where borders end and where words begin. By setting default margins at the start of your document, all future data entries will be confined within the margin lines. The margin lines are shown on your screen but will not appear on a printed page.

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