What is Open Office Draw?

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DrawOpen Office Draw is the powerful graphics component of the latest version of Open Office, the most preferred office suite solutions in the business community today.  From the quick strokes of a sketch to a complex plan, Open Office Draw brings you the essential tools to handle diagrams and graphics in your documentations. Open Office Draw is a formidable tool for general or technical posters and the like, accommodating a maximum 300cm by 300cm page size.

Like the four other Open Office components namely Writer, Impress, Calc and Base, Draw allows you to conveniently place all your graphic styles, tools and elements needed to create a fantastic document or presentation around your computer screen for a ready-to-click single access. Open Office Draw is basically a vector graphics drawing program, but can also perform some functions to operate on pixels or raster graphics.  It gives you the knack to quickly create an impressive array of graphical images. It stores and displays an image as simple geometric elements such as circles, lines and polygons which allow easier scaling of the image.

Open Office Draw is fully integrated into the Open Office suite simplifying graphics exchange with all the other components. For instance, when you create an image in Draw, the same image can be reused in a Writer document by a simple ‘copy and paste’ method of the target image. You can likewise work with drawings directly from within other components like Writer or Impress, using a subcategory of the tools and functions from Draw.

Though designed not to rival high end components, Open Office Draw is in parity in terms of extensive functionality in graphic applications. It even has more functions to offer than the drawing tools integrated with office productivity suites like layer management, dimensions and measurement display,  Magnetic grid point system, three-dimensional functions that create small 3D drawings with lighting and texture effects, drawing and page style integration, Bézier curves and connectors for creating organizational charts.

Open Office Draw also shares the Styles and Formatting with the other Open Office components to allow you to manipulate objects to rotate in 2 and 3 dimensions and put rings, spheres, cubes and other shapes with the use of the 3D controller.

Open Office Draw gives you maximum leeway to arrange objects by grouping, ungrouping, regrouping, and editing grouped objects. You can also create photorealistic images with sophisticated rendering of your own perspective, transparency, texture, lighting effects, and just about anything your creative juices may solidify.

Construct flowcharts, network diagrams and organizational charts with ease using Smart connectors defining your own connectivity line. Linear dimensions are automatically calculated and displayed as you draw with Dimension lines.

The Gallery gives you pictures to use for clipart. You can also store and save your own creations in the Gallery for future projects. Another option would be to save your graphics in Open Document format so that you may be able to access your saved files from any Open Document compliant software utilizing this XML based format. What is even more exciting is that you can import plenty of graphics from all known common formats like the BMP, JPEG, GIF, WMF, TIFF and PNG and create Flash versions just by using Open Office Draw.  Waste no more time, download for free the latest version of Open Office Draw now!

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