What is Open Office Calc?

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Calc LogoOpen Office Calc is the all-purpose spreadsheet program you may have wanted to acquire. Beginners will find it natural and simple enough to learn how to enter and manipulate data to produce specific results. Professional data encoders and math wizards will benefit from the advanced functions that offer a wide range of comprehensive options.

Calc is the spreadsheet component of Open Office wherein you can enter numerical data and use the “What if” method through the Scenario Manager by some data change and observe the results without the need of retyping the whole spreadsheet. A quick analysis of data entry is achieved by the mere touch of a button, for instance, when comparing profitability for low-medium-high sales forecasts. Certain functions can be used to formulate complex calculations on data entry. Database functions allow arrangement, storage and data filtration. It also has macros for detailed records and execution of frequently used tasks.

A variety of dynamic two-dimensional and three-dimensional charts are available whenever you need them in creating graphic presentations. Open Office Calc can export and import spreadsheets in different formats such as CSV, HTML and PDF files. It even has PostScript that lead you through a choice of using self-contained advanced spreadsheet functions and an Extensions repository from which you can download ready-made spreadsheet templates.

The Advanced Data Pilot technology allows you to easily pull in raw data from corporate databases, make tabulations by cross-referencing and convert data into significant information. Using words to generate formulas like “sales – costs” is an easy task with Open Calc Natural language while the Intelligent Sum Button automatically inserts a total or a subtotal function in consideration of the context where it is essentially needed.

Easy and flexible cell formatting options in Styles and Formatting application is a breeze with backgrounds, templates, borders, freely rotating contents and much more. Open Office Calc’s Solver tool provides solutions for optimization concerns wherein the optimum value of a specific spreadsheet cell needs to be calculated based on limits written in other cells.

In sharing worksheets, collaborative working on spreadsheets is possible with Open Office Calc’s Multiple-users Support. By opening a spreadsheet to share, other users can conveniently add their data to your spreadsheet. You can then integrate the newly added data with just a few clicks and somehow avoid editing conflicts.

When you save spreadsheets in the new international standard XML based format, Open Document, you are sure to gain access to your spreadsheets from any Open Document compliant software. You can also use your old MExcel spreadsheets or save your new work in the old MExcel format when you need to send documents to users who are still not using Open Office Calc.

For summary reports, you can use the Portable Document Format (.pdf). Open Office Calc’s latest version is capable of reading .xlsx files from the old MOffice 2007 and 2008 versions or that for the Mac OS X. With built-in functionality, you are bound to discover that you can be a spreadsheet expert in no time at all. Get the lastest version of Open Office Calc now!

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