What is Open Office Base?

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BaseOpen Office Base is designed to meet the computing needs of users for easy desktop database management.  A database or data source is a compilation of pieces of information that can be managed or accessed by Open Office like a list of names and addresses used for producing mail merge letters. Other data source management system examples would be tracking a personal book collection, a shop stock list or producing complex corporate sales reports.

If you are uninitiated to database design, Open Office Base wizards can help you create forms, queries, tables, and reports, complete with predefined table descriptions for tracking customers, assets, sales invoices, orders and more lists. Open Office Base uses the terms ‘Database’ and ‘Data Source’ to refer to one and the same thing, like dBase and  MySQL databases or data sources like a text document or a spreadsheet containing data.

A database contains a number of fields that consists of individual pieces of data with each database table being a group of fields. Creating a table entails not just data entry but also determining the characteristics of each contained field in the table. Forms are used for data entry to fields of one or more tables. They are likewise used for viewing fields from tables associated with the form. Queries create new tables from existing tables while a report consolidates the data of the fields of a query in a document based on your requirements.

Open Office Base’s full HSQL relational database engine is ideally configured for a database for personal use. It is all you may need as a single user with all the data stored right in the Open Office Base file and a dBase flat files native support. All the files generated by this engine are stored in one zipped file with the database forms included.

For complex business users, Open Office Base supplies native support drivers for a range of multi-user database engines such as Adabas D, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MS Access. Additionally, support for ODBC and JDBC standard drivers lets you connect to any existing virtual database.

Open Office Base seamlessly assimilates into the rest of the Open Office suite components like using the industry standard LDAP protocol to supply address book data for mail merge in Writer or the more common address book applications like Outlook,  Windows and Mozilla. It can also create linked data ranges in the Calc component as the basis for charts or for data pilot analysis.

Open Office Base requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE). So, if you do not have JRE on your computer, visit www.java.com to download the Java 5.0 or higher. Please take note that the Windows version of JRE cannot be used in Open Office Base.

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